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While some of these policies are specifically local, we cannot ignore the fact that a lot of the problems facing South Australia are national issues, and will require the assistance and partnership of other states and the Commonwealth.

Being a small party, Gamers4Croydon does not have the resources to develop fully detailed policy on all issues in advance. However, our approach to policy and legislation is to consult with the people who are most affected by an issue, as they will have greater insight. Our guiding principle is to put people ahead of party agendas, so policy will be based on evidence not ideology.

+ Implement an R18+ classification to protect children from adult content

+ Oppose mandatory internet filtering

+ Introduce an Independent Commission Against Corruption

+ Ban all political advertising with public funds

+ Make it illegal for politicians to lie about matters of public importance

+ Restrict prepared questions in Parliament, and improve the standard of Question Time

+ Expand the Salisbury Council stormwater recycling scheme across Adelaide and suitable regional centres

+ Start a retro-fitting program to have rainwater tanks installed on all existing homes where practical

+ Provide support for the construction of one of the world's largest solar electricity farms

+ Provide government support for Electric Vehicles to be manufactured in South Australia

+ Repeal legislation restricting the display of R18+ DVD cases

+ Repeal legislation undermining freedom of speech and the right to privacy

+ Support marriage equality

+ Support the right of terminally ill individuals to voluntary euthanasia

+ Support reproductive choice

+ Include study of how our democracy works in school curricula

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